Crescent Cookies

by Min Merrell
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Classic sugary, nutty, crumbly crescent cookies. A recipe everyone should know how to make. Bear with me. I’m still rehashing all the stuff we cooked over the holidays.  It’s now or never, and I won’t remember anything if I don’t get posting!

Crescent cookies look cool lined up on a platter.  Better to refill a small platter than bring out too many.

These crescent cookies are always a hit and, boy, did they come in handy for quite a few holiday occasions.  My friend Elizabeth served them on a cookie platter during her Christmas morning brunch.  Later, she took some more to her mother-in-law’s house for Christmas dinner.  Mrs. McAlister is a serious crescent cookie aficionado and declared these a real winner.  Aren’t all these recipes about the same? Later in the week, we served the powdery cookies along with a platter of fresh Florida orange slices to accent little ultra rich espresso cups of chocolate pot de creme.  That was the easiest, most fun dessert, lots of little plates, have one more cookie or an orange if you like.  In fact, I don’t know why most of us only bake fancy cookies during the holidays.  These days our friends don’t seem to want a big dessert after dinner, but a handsome cookie or two always hits the spot.  Everyone can have one more or skip altogether.  Appetizer platter desserts.  More of those in 2011 for sure.

Here’s the easy secret. Try to find nut meal in the supermarket. Makes groundnut cookies so easy.  Nice cheater trick.  Ask your supermarket to carry it.  I don’t usually chill the dough either.  I just make the cookies and use a small cookie scoop to make the even balls.  And yes, I get them on one cookie sheet.

crescent cookies



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