Snickerdoodles 2.0

by Min Merrell

Okay, okay, I made these the old-fashioned way with cream of tartar and baking soda. It just about killed me to pass over that nice big bag of self-rising flour.  The traditional cream of tartar and baking soda give snickerdoodles that characteristic tangy little wang that no other cookie has. Yes, you can use baking powder or self-rising, but they will taste a bit different.  It’s all about your expectations.

I did mess around with the flour amount, using an even 3 cups and a little extra butter which worked out great. This recipe little variation is a keeper that I think I’ll mess around with some more…maybe using 1 cup plain cornmeal and two cups all-purpose flour with the traditional old-fashioned leavening system, a hybrid of my famous Nashville Cornmeal  Cookies that feature self-rising cornmeal mix. 

And good grief, I had completely forgotten about this treasure  Poppy Doodles. 

Once a test kitchen junkie, always a test kitchen junkie!

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