Italian Sesame Seed Cookies

by Min Merrell

Italian Sesame Seed Cookies may be a Sicilian holiday treat, but I implore you to make them year-round. I can’t think of a better little something sweet to go with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee. The cookies are sturdy, not too sweet, and have that toasty umami imparted by the sesame seeds. The dough is super easy to work with.

An easy trick when making Italian Sesame Seed Cookies is to get the sesame seeds to adhere to the cookies with the help of a quick dunk in milk before rolling in the seeds. I’m not too sure how many seeds you really need to coat a batch so I just pour some in a bowl. This is not the time to buy an expensive little container of sesame seeds in the spice aisle. Go for a big bag that you will likely find at the Middle Eastern or Asian grocery.  These cultures appreciate sesame seeds and expand their usage way beyond sprinkling on bagels and buns.  If you don’t enjoy a mild anise flavor, by all means, go with vanilla or almond extracts.

The cookies keep beautifully because of their dry crunchy texture. This recipe is a keeper. And while you’re at it. Don’t forget to make these Crescent Cookies.

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