Nashville Cornmeal Cookies with Cardamom, Orange, and Pistachios

by Min Merrell
Nashville Cornmeal Cookies with Cardamom

Nashville Cornmeal Cookies with Cardamom, Orange, and Pistachios is just the latest, fabulous variation of Nashville Cornmeal Cookies, the recipe that just keeps on giving. This time our Nashville favorite made with a little self-rising cornmeal mix for just the right amount of leavening and crunchy cornmeal is combined with Indian flavors in honor of our neighbor Raj who recently passed away.

Boy, did we hit the jackpot with a great neighbor. Raj is the guy who taught us how to make foolproof basmati rice, how to hack open a young coconut and sip enough of the milk to leave plenty of room for a big slug of rum. How tasteless would our lives be without those Shan Indian seasoning packets? We sprinkle the vegetable packet on all kinds of oven-roasted vegetables–you’ve got to try it on okra.

Of course, all those samosas and pakoras from the toaster oven were the perfect snack to pair with bubbly Dewer’s and soda on the rocks. While most new Nashvillians are just now becoming aware of our city’s diverse food culture, thanks to Raj, we’ve been trolling Nolensville Road’s Kurdish markets and bakeries and Patel Brothers Indian Market for more than 15 years. He spiced up our lives and expanded our thinking. As Raj would say, “Come in! Let’s have a drink!”  Thank you, Raj. These Nashville Cornmeal Cookies with Cardamom are thanks to you.

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