Homemade Rhode Island Clam Stuffies

by Min Merrell

A beautiful platter of Homemade Rhode Island Clam Stuffies.

One of the best things about being married to a guy from Rhode Island is the FOOD! First thing we do on a trip to Carolina is make a pit stop at Charlestown Mini-Super to check out the fresh oysters, clams, and flounder and grab a few packs of frozen “gourmet stuffies” made in some mysterious stuffie factory in Massachusetts. Who cares. This one brand that doesn’t seem to have a name other than “gourmet” is quite good with an acceptable clam to stuffing ratio. Yes, we’ve noticed the clam shells have diminished in size over the years. Luckily, R.B. saved a drawerful of big quahog shells from our years of stuffie consumption and now we make them as clammy and big as we like.

It’s easy. All you do is make a very traditional bread stuffing with lots of fresh clams and their juice. We use toasted Italian bread cubes and sometimes add bits of Portuguese chourico. Just like the “gourmets” from the Mini-Super, they freeze beautifully in plastic freezer bags. Two per quart bag makes a convenient treat heated up in the toaster oven for cocktail hour. There’s no better way to end a day in Rhode Island than a hot stuffie with a glass of cold crisp Italian white.

Here’s a link to our New England Clam Stuffie Dressing. Consider this for Thanksgiving!

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