Zucchini Corncakes

by Min Merrell

Zucchini Corncakes are ideal for using up your summer garden zucchini.

Here we go again on the self-rising cornmeal bandwagon. Of course, if you live in the South, you have a bag in the pantry for making perfect skillet cornbread.  It’s just pre-mixed cornmeal with a little flour, baking powder and salt. We absolutely love the stuff and use it for so many other things too. 

Zucchini Corncakes is our latest great example. This little fritter is like a southern latka, mostly zucchini, a nice amount of egg, all held together with self-rising cornmeal mix. No weirdo ingredients, just crispy goodness that works on so many levels. They can be a fun appetizer with cocktails, a fun “bread” with soup and salad, or a fun side instead of potatoes. Or, the best little toaster oven breakfast or snack. If they are around, they will be eaten. Be sure to salt and then let the zucchini sit. You won’t believe how much water you’ll squeeze out of it. Otherwise, stir them up and get the skillet hot.

Use this template for so many leftover vegetables, how about cooked cauliflower or green beans.  Go ahead and mix them with the zucchini.  And if you prefer gluten-free, then use self-rising cornmeal (not mix).  Or, plain cornmeal and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/4  teaspoon of salt to the mix.

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