Poblanos and Cheese

by Min Merrell

Poblanos and Cheese, sophisticated ease. Cooler than nachos, easier than queso. 

Yes, we are in love with our roasted Hatch New Mexico Green Chile, and we do our best to keep a freezer full of them.  However, we don’t discriminate against poblano peppers! They are more universally easy to find and add great chile flavor to all kinds of dishes. Roast them under the broiler or on the grill until the skins sizzle and brown. Let them cool for a few minutes and they’ll be easy to peel. Remove the stems and seeds and chop them and put them in anything that can use a charred zing. Anything that you’d use your green chile for–as simple as scrambled eggs, cornbread, tacos, chicken chili, posole, chile rellenos casserole. Scatter them on pizza. 

Even better, the simplest ideas are the best so just add cheese! Chop the roasted poblanos and toss into a greased iron skillet or oven proof dish. Add shredded melting cheese–Mexican melting cheese, or whatever you like, cheddar, longhorn, Jack. Add some more poblanos on top and put it all in the oven at 350 F until nice and melted. It won’t take long so hang around the oven or set the time for 15 minutes. Don’t scrimp o the chips, get some nice ones that can hold up to scooping the cheese. An iron skillet or Le Creuset works great because it will hold the heat and keep the cheese softer longer. In warm weather, why not just heat the cheese mix outdoors on the grill or fire pit. It’s a home-run appetizer with cold beer on the patio or snacking while you’re sofa sporting.

My other favorite easy melted cheese app is artichokes and feta.

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