Spanish Gazpacho

by Min Merrell

Spanish Gazpacho is like a V-8 smoothie.

The creamy, smooth gazpacho we enjoyed in Madrid has pushed aside our old clunky chunky recipe. Nothing better than the jolt of getting your mind changed about an assumption, even one like chunky vs. smooth gazpacho. Paradigm shifts can be good things.

The delicious attribute of the Madrid variety is simply convenience. A pitcher in the fridge is ready for slurping down in a glass for a quick lunch, afternoon snack, before dinner diet beverage while the martini glasses chill, or even serving as a fancy first course. It’s like a sophisticated V-8-style smoothie and will have you slapping your head just like the old V-8 commercials. “I shoulda made the creamy Spanish gazpacho!”

It’s my go-to for using those slightly over-ripe tomatoes starting to ooze on the counter, a bit too far gone for a plattter salad. Easier still, use a big can of tomatoes. Throw everything in the blender and whiz until creamy smooth. Add as much olive oil as you like for a satiable silky mouth-feel. For a garnish drizzle with a little more olive oil or even add a fresh jalapeno to the mix for a little kick.

Overripe tomatoes a problem for you? Use one in this tomato vinaigrette.

Our other favorite easy Spanish appetizer/snack is tomato bread.

Okay, We do like chunky gazpacho too. Here it is turned into a gazpacho shrimp cocktail.

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