Chicken Liver Spread, Hold the Butter

by Min Merrell
chicken liver pate

This chicken liver spread is accented with dried porcini mushrooms and contains olive oil, but no butter. 

Who doesn’t love luxurious creamy chicken liver pâté that feels like silk on your tongue? That kind of pâté is usually made with almost the same amount of butter as chicken livers. It’s decadent and exquisite. One loaded cracker and you’ve full.  

We’re not making that. Instead the Cheater Chef Chicken Liver Spread is a more rustic blend of chicken livers and dried porcini mushrooms all cooked in olive oil. It’s apples to oranges so don’t compare the two kinds of spreads, just enjoy each for what they are. The porcini mushrooms add sophisticated depth to the recipe. A let’s face it, dullish brown chopped liver spread really benefits from a nice garnish. Go for vibrant contrasting color. Bright green chopped parsley does the trick and a little red onion never ever hurts. Serve with toasted little rounds of baguette.  

I particularly like the recipe’s easy one-pot method. You just cook up the onions, add the liver and mushrooms and simmer a good 20 minutes. When the mix has cooled, pour it all in the food processor and whizz it up until chunky smooth. It will never be as smooth as that OTHER kind, but it will be just as fun to eat in a different way.

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