Scones Made with Self-Rising Flour (Self-Raising Flour in the U.K.)

by Min Merrell
scones, self-rising flour, biscuits


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Scones are as easy to make as biscuits. In the UK they use “self-raising flour.” In the American South we call it “self-rising” flour. It’s the best for biscuits and scones.  

Your southern biscuit recipe isn’t much different than scones made with self-rising flour.

Here’s the Royal Wedding recipe you’ve been looking for–last minute English scones for your very early Friday morning Royal Wedding date!  Set that alarm so you do not miss the festivities.  An occasion like this is not likely to come around again for another 30 years. Even last minute wedding crashers can enjoy an early morning royal breakfast.

Get the coffee or tea brewing and whip up a batch of English scones.  They’re as easy to make as good old southern biscuits with self-rising flour, except in the UK they call it self-raising flour.  If you can make biscuits, you can make scones. The only difference between American southern biscuits and English scones is that scones are typically a little sweeter and richer than biscuits.  So heat up that oven.  You can have the dough stirred up and popped into the oven during a commercial break.  God save the young royal couple.


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