One-Pot Brownies

by Min Merrell

Homemade brownies are an easy road to scratch baking.  Even if you don’t BAKE, you can have a signature brownie recipe that doesn’t start with a mix or need a mixer. We love one-pot brownies for that very reason.  Melt the butter and chocolate in a saucepan. Once that’s taken care of, stir in the rest of the ingredients and the batter is ready. That’s it. The texture of these falls in the middle between the dense fudgy style and taller, cakier brownies. Put the nuts on top to brown while the brownies bake, if you like. This recipe makes a nice big 9 x 13 pan so you’ll have plenty for a  potluck or to feed the kids and all their friends. Dress them up with ice cream and caramel sauce and you’ve got a fancy dessert. Watch out, this could become your signature recipe. Yet another reason to keep a bag of self-rising flour in the cupboard. Yes, they freeze well. Then you can pull out a few whenever you need a little chocolate hit!  Cut them cute and small.

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