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Cheater Smoked Chubb Bologna–make it in the crockpot and make a nice sandwich and make a lot of new friends.

Confit of jerked rabbit with leek and lavender jus, roast quail with pomegranate chutney aioli, crispy skin salmon with lemongrass and ginger-infused broth with a horseradish shellac…Enough!

When back-yard “barbecues” morphed into stainless outdoor kitchens with infrared burners, warming drawers, and satellite dish hook-ups, life got too complicated. This alone, made R.B. want to move inside and spend more time with his family.

The reality check for the overwrought food movement?  Smoke a big chubb bologna in the slow cooker. It might just be one of the best tasting, most under-wrought meats around. Who needs charred tomato tamarind glaze anyway?

This already-cooked, no mess, freezable “sausage” is easier than burgers, especially in the slow cooker. Put thick slices of chubb in the slow cooker sprinkled with a tablespoon or two of liquid smoke, cover and cook on high for a couple of hours. Think of the possibilities.

Give the brats a break and boost tailgating team spirit with a load of bologna patty melts oozing with cheese and grilled onions. Lighten the mood with cracker chubb mini bologna burgers. How about teriyaki glazed bologna with pineapple chunks in lettuce cups. One thing’s for sure, serve chubb bologna and you’ll quickly find out who the fun people are. Send the jerked rabbits home.

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