Lemon Curd and Happiness

by Min Merrell

Lemon Curd is probably the most useful dessert sauce on the planet.  Here it is simply with Greek yogurt and blueberries.

As I approach 50, I’m thrilled to learn from Happiness Comes with Age, Study Says in the New York Times that I’m on the verge of real happiness.  The slogging through the black hole of young adulthood to midlife from 18 to 50 is about over.   All the youthful relationship anxiety, career disappointments, exhaustion from raising kids, divorce, blah, blah, blah are just about behind me.

I do agree to a growing inner feeling of contentment and greater appreciation of the little things, but I often wonder if it’s because I’ve given up dreaming about my big fabulous life.  There’s no more wondering.  It’s right here. Oh well, here’s to the little things like lemon curd.  This recipe goes on my “take it with me past 50” favorites because it’s so versatile–fancy or homey– and easy to make and have ready for later.   Pretty much my criteria for cooking as I approach the next three decades of happiness.  Let’s hope I stay healthy for the good times ahead.

What to do with lemon curd?

Fold into whipped cream and serve with cake or berries.

Blend with sweetened Greek yogurt.

Serve with berries and cake–angel, chiffon or pound.

Use as a filling between cake layers.

Spread in a tart shell and top with fresh fruit.

Make a deconstructed lemon meringue pie…Shortbread cookie, lemon curd, and marshmallow fluff or marshmallows.  Really try it.  Fun ending to a fancy dinner party menu.

Pack it in a nice jar for a great hostess gift.

Make a lemon tiramisu or trifle with ladyfingers, curd, whipped cream, and mascarpone.


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