Derby (Any) Season Benedictine Dip

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Cool motorcycle mugs turn a prissy spread into a manly dip.

Benedictine dip is a little soupier than the traditional spread.

A few weeks ago we made a batch of traditional Kentucky Benedictine to go with our Tennessee juleps for Derby day. No rocket science here, just cucumber cream cheese spread meant for little cocktail sandwiches. You have to salt out the moisture in the cucumber if you want nice spreading consistency. Otherwise, go for a soupier dip like we did and serve with fresh vegetables. The results were good. The Benedictine hit the spot and kept us focused on the race despite all that whiskey.

While whizzing it up in the food processor I couldn’t resist tossing in some non-traditional carrots. How can you go wrong with a crisper drawer purge? Reckless food processor recipe development is fun! For my book club this week I’m making another round of Benedictine. This time I’ll throw in some radishes and my favorite watercress. Book Club Benedictine ought to help us stay focused on our book chat despite all the white wine.

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