The Cheater Chef Leftover Series–Green Beans, Potatoes and Eggs for Brunch

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Today’s Cheater Chef Leftover Series is a hot oven brunch that only needs a few green beans and potatoes, and a couple fresh eggs. The oval cast iron serving dish just adds the checkered pants/knife tattoo touch. Any small to medium ovenproof skillet or dish will do. Or, order a couple Lodge Cast Iron Oval Servers from Amazon and they’ll last you all your days. 

Green beans, potatoes and eggs make a great brunch dish. Most of us could stand a few more vegetables, the re-crisped potatoes are spectacular, and the runny egg yolks pull the whole thing together. Here’s a simple order of things to get it done. 

Pop your serving dishes or skillet into the oven and set it at 400°F. Get your leftover beans and potatoes out of the fridge and take the chill off them in the microwave to speed things up (just don’t cook the beans any further).

Mix a zesty beer Bloody Mary with our Cheater Chef recipe for The Michelada. For music, I like Greg Allman’s Low Country Blues, Bob Dylan’s Modern Times, and Neil Young’s Prairie Wind on a Sunday morning.  

When the dish or skillet is good and hot, add the potatoes and warm them a good 10-15 minutes depending on how brown they already are. Next, add the beans to the potatoes and warm them about 5 minutes. 

For smooth egg delivery, break the eggs into a small dish and gently pour them over the beans. Put the dish into the oven. The eggs are cooked when the whites are set and not runny or opaque, about 4 to 5 minutes. Cook further if you like firm yolks. 

Place the oval dishes on a plate, small platter, board or trivet and remember it will be too hot to touch for awhile, just like the fajita dish at El Palenque. Kosher salt, black pepper, toast if you like, that’s it. 

For great roasted potatoes, start with our recipe for Microwaved Potatoes for Potato Salad. Undercook the potatoes slightly and roast them at 375°F until golden and crispy, or however you like them. Another reason to roast more potatoes that you think you’ll need. 

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