Sauerkraut Slaw. Wiener Burger. Publix Buns.

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
sauerkraut slaw

Sauerkraut Slaw on a Wiener Burger atop a Publix Supermarket French Hamburger Bun.

Our biggest beef about Nashville’s collection of fancy burger joints is always the bun. Whether it’s artisan potato buns or pretzel buns or whatever, no one serves a bun that does its job and holds up under the meat. Isn’t that the bun’s purpose–to be a useful carrier for the burger and all the fixings without falling apart or turning to mush? Is it unreasonable to expect more from restaurants that make big deals about their burgers and buns? Most supermarket buns are even worse. They’re feathery, gummy, and light on flavor and style. Hot dog buns are just a different shape. Meh.

Now that you’re wondering about your own burger bun experiences, we have to tell you we’ve found a spectacular bun. It’s the French Hamburger Bun at Publix. This bun has a slightly chewy crust that offers a bit of resistance. You get a nice bite that you actually chew, but not so much that the bread feels hard in your mouth. Nor does it have a crackery crispiness that shatters like glass when you take a bite. 

So why won’t groovy Pharmacy Burger offer this well executed Publix bun instead of those soggy potato buns? Look for an eight-pack in the bakery section for $3.49. We appreciate them so much that we won’t make burgers, dogs, or any kind of sausage at home without them, EVER. Bonus, they freeze well so use what you need and keep the rest at the ready. A quick defrost in the microwave and you’re set for the next round of burgers or dogs. Toasting on your grill’s upper shelf a plus.

Publix Burger Buns

Since these French buns from Publix have also ruined us for regular hotdog buns, wiener burgers have replaced them. So what if they’re round? Slice your favorite dogs in half and fill up the bun. Top with your favorite fixings and you’ll never go back to those bargain supermarket one-dollar-for-eight buns again. Here’s a great pic of the buns in action with Italian Meatball Burgers.

 Our newest favorite hot dog topper is our Sauerkraut Slaw, a crunchy mix of sauerkraut and fresh shredded cabbage flavored with mustard and celery seed. Make a batch and adjust it to suit you. 


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