Two Ingredient Jack Daniel’s Dessert Sauce

by Min Merrell

This Jack Daniel’s dessert sauce, made with only two ingredients, is your secret weapon for all kinds of super-easy desserts with a fancy flair.

As a test kitchen home eccie, one of my secret goals has always been to invent the next green bean casserole, the classic blockbuster recipe that permeates all levels of American culture. More than likely that idea sprang straight from Campbell’s Soup test kitchen, was developed by a middle-aged home economist like me. Millions love it, it’s a must on the holiday dinner, and it sells tons of Campbell’s mushroom soup.

One of the easiest dessert sauce recipes in our latest Jack Daniel’s cookbook could be my green bean casserole. It’s definitely a keeper for any Tennessee Whiskey lover. The recipe has just two ingredients–Jack and brown sugar. Why didn’t I think of this years ago? It’s so easy. 

Use it to pimp-up ice cream, fresh fruit, pound cake, gingerbread, bread pudding, or even a brownie. I guarantee that it will turn anything into a fancy dessert. Pour into pint jars for much appreciated and very easy holiday gifts. You’ll want to keep some in the fridge at all times.

Okay, you can add a third ingredient, butter. See the recipe below.


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