Tuscan Steak Salad and Grilled Bread

by R.B. Quinn
how to grill tuscan steak

I love those enormous loaves of chewy Tuscan bread, but they require a real commitment. No matter how devoted I am to the relationship, anxiety takes over and things ultimately grow stale. Even with help, it’s tough to finish and my freezer management program is already challenged enough. I hate to admit it, but I can be controlled by a loaf of bread.

The other day I bought a Tuscan loaf anyway. While chewing on crunchy charred slices lightly brushed with olive oil warm off the grill, I had a bread breakthrough. It dawned on me to slice up the whole thing, grill it all, seal it in a bag and eat it all week.

how to grill breadRead this short how-to on grilling bread.

Grilled Tuscan bread has an incredible chew, a rich smoky smell, and the olive oil keeps it palatable longer. The best part is how well it takes to re-warming in a toaster oven or briefly back on a low grill. The toast becomes perfectly crisp again and you’ll find yourself building meals around it. The loaf is still in control, but I’m okay with it now. 

We made a big one-dish Tuscan Steak Salad just so we could eat more grilled Tuscan toast. It’s a beautiful platter of cool crisp greens, grilled vegetables, cheeses, olives, and warm flank steak drizzled with vinaigrette. Serve with a heaping basket of grilled Tuscan bread. Keep leftover grilled bread sealed in a plastic bag.


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