Green Chile Turkey Posole

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
green chile posole

Green Chile Turkey Posole is a is a bit of a spin-off from the traditional Northern New Mexico hominy red chile stew. With leftover Thanksgiving turkey and roasted Hatch green chile packed in the freezer since the Hatch Roasting Party in August, green chile turkey posole is a few cans and chopped vegetables from being ready. It’s also the opportunity to simmer your turkey carcass for an overnight batch of Crock Pot Stock, making a way better posole (canned broth is fine, too), and a nice change-up for using your leftover turkey meat.

But, don’t let the extra holiday bird confine this great soup to a short season. It’s an all-around great dish and simple recipe for feeding a hungry crowd anytime, especially in cold weather soup season. We included a variation of this posole recipe in our book Cheater BBQ, using three cups of leftover crock-pot pulled pork. So, try it with more traditional pork or beef stew meat. It’s all good.  

Turkey Green Chile PosoleGreen Chile Turkey Posole is chock-full of vegetables and packs a great earthy flavor from the hominy. On the chile, red or green, you pick. Serve hot bowls of posole with fresh lime wedges, cilantro, and crisp tortillas for crumbling right into the soup. 



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