Tossed Steakhouse Salad

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
how to make steak salad

Tossed steakhouse salad is everything in one bowl. The ultimate one-dish meal for leftover steak. Cube the steak into bite-size pieces for easy eating.

Leftover steak isn’t like leftover wine. It actually exists. Beyond a round of steak tacos or as a snack for a six-foot teenage boy staring into an open refrigerator, is leftover steak all that fun once the sizzle is gone and the cold hard fat no longer possible to ignore? Hell, yes it is when it’s the main ingredient in a Tossed Steakhouse Salad. 

Fresh greens, red onion, nuked potato cubes, blue cheese, and steak. The whole steakhouse meal in a perfect salad. The key is proper re-warming of the meat. Whether in a microwave, an oven, or toaster oven, the medium rare meat turns to well in no time.  Grey and gone of its juices, it turns tough and rubbery. Not at all the ribeye, you remember. Best way to dodge that scenario is to cut the meat into bite-size pieces which both speeds up the warm-through and multiplies the surface area available for a little added crust. Then, a few minutes in a hot skillet or over a hot wood fire in a vegetable basket for several minutes, and the sizzle is back. Better yet, you don’t have anything to cut when you eat the salad.

how to make steak salad

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