Three Pound Bag French Onion Soup

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
french onion soup

One three-pound bag of onions equals one pot of delicious French onion soup.

We always wish we made this soup more often, and now you can. The one glitch that kept us from making the soup was knowing how many onions (and what size) to buy. Pick up a three-pound bag from produce and that decision is made. A homemade batch of beef bone broth is a nice add, but canned broth, beef, chicken or even vegetable will make a fine French onion soup.

How to make french onion soup

The key to cooking the onions is low and slow cooking, just like barbecue. You want those onions to transforms into a sweet soft golden mass. And instead of a big crown of rubbery cheese, we suggest making toast croutons and melting cheese on them under the broiler. This way the bread won’t turn soggy quickly, but will retain its nice chew. Enjoy the sweet oniony broth, you don’t need all that cheese anyway.

If you like this one, you’ll love Smothered Cabbage and Onion Soup that combines the onions with slow braised cabbage in the broth. This time we added arborio rice and Parmesan cheese.

how to make easy french onion soup

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