Tequila – Let’s Get to the Point

by R.B. Quinn

Held against its will and without the assistance of counsel, tequila needs some habeas corpus relief to get itself out of the margarita and into a salted rimmed glass with some good juice and a slice of lime.

Thanks to the restaurant biz, that damn sombrero drink is confined to two versions – it’s either the crappy yellow-green mess in a 64-ounce  goblet served at the gloppy queso chain, or it’s the over-thunk, artisanal, handcrafted creation of the tattooed mixologist featuring the latest in Bauhaus-inspired face furniture.  How predictable.

In one, the “tequila” would be better used in a John Deere, in the other, you first really should tour the Mexican agave farm in order to fully appreciate its nuanced bouquet, balance and structure.


So let’s get to the point. Our buddy Nashville food writer and booze expert Jim Myers made this crystal clear at his tequila seminar: use the cheapest 100% agave tequila in the store and mix it up.  Save the spendier anejos and reposados for sipping over ice.  His clarity on this point was freeing, and mildly inebriating, and it put an end to our tequila buying anxiety and confusion.  Forever.

El Jimidor fills the bill nicely.  Produced by Herradura (a great sipping tequila itself), El Jimidor silver is affordable and smooth and it makes just about our favorite cocktail.

First, wet the rim of a good glass with a lime section and spin it through some Kosher salt on a plate.  Ice the glass.  Tequila the glass.  Add juice – grapefruit, orange, any Tropicana/Minute Maid combo, and squeeze in a lime section.  Leave everything on the counter because you will be back for a second.

Thanks, Jim, for getting to the point.

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