Sesame Cucumbers

by Min Merrell
Sesame Cucumbers

Our Sesame Cucumbers are inspired by P.F. Chang’s Shanghai Cucumbers. In a world drenched in fried pickle chips, cheese sticks, or anything stuffed with cheese, this clean, crisp dish really appeals to me. It’s a flavorful, refreshing appetizer that’s fun to share and is easy to toss together. A great idea all the way around.

I bring big bowls of sesame cucumbers to potlucks/parties/book clubs; it suits every grazing gathering where you already know there will be plenty of supermarket hummus (bring all 6 varieties!), cheese blocks and cubes, cut up fruit, crock pot meatballs (not that there’s anything wrong with them), and sweets. No one brings cucumbers, and everyone is glad when I do, especially the gals. Even if they’re drinking white wine. Or, especially when they are.

Cucumbers offer a truly distinctive flavor and smell, and they play well with both vegetables and fruits. The Farmers Market summer cukes are always great, and I also appreciate the long elegant thin-skinned hot house cucumbers available year-around. Those don’t require peeling and are virtually seedless.

Sesame Cucumbers are dressed simply with soy and vinegar. Substitute a drizzle of bottled Japanese Ponzu sauce to make this even easier. And I love combining the two colors of sesame seeds, but one color is certainly enough. Don’t have sesame seeds? Try chopped salted peanuts instead. (When you pick up sesame seeds, store them in the refrigerator or freezer).

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