Purple Cabbage Slaw is a Mix of Secondary Colors

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

purple cabbage slaw

Secondary Purple Cabbage slaw glows with all the secondary colors–purple, orange and green.

When you get that copy of Cheater BBQ for Dad (and one for yourself), take note of the Cheater BBQ Slaw recipe. Having a good slaw recipe in your back pocket is important for any barbecue aficionado, cheater or otherwise. I like how the colorful, tangy, crunchy combo is just what a pile of smoky, brown meat needs.

There are a million variations of the two classics — creamy and vinegary. I can’t stop fiddling with the three main ingredients–sugar, mayo and vinegar. The add-tos are endless.

I call this Secondary Slaw because it’s a jumble of gorgeous secondary colors–purple cabbage, orange carrots, and green jalapenos and parsley. It falls into the vinegar category dressed in a simple sugar/rice vinegar/water combination. Vinegary slaws are particularly good with silky, rich (fatty) smoky meats. This dressing is also very much like Asian icy hot cucumbers and would be great served with Thai grilled chicken or beef satay.

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