Fresh Tomato Pasta

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
fresh tomato pasta, pasta salad

Fresh tomato pasta is also a salad.

It’s hot outside.  Farm stand and homegrown tomatoes are at their peak and available everywhere.  Here in Tennessee, the basil is loving the humidity.  Perfect conditions for a fresh tomato pasta.  I rely on this recipe throughout tomato season for lots of reasons.  It’s not served hot so the make-ahead component always wins me over.  Nor does it need chilling, so no need to clear a big spot in the refrigerator before serving (an impossible task in my messy fridge).  It’s as perfect a side with grilled meats as it is served as the main with salad greens.  It’s great when you need to bring a dish, as it also meets the requirements for good pasta salad, a recipe regularly denigrated by bottled I-talian dressing. Often recipes like this are made with angel hair pasta, but  I say try it with farfalle (bow tie)  because it’s easier to eat and acts more like a salad.   It can be whatever you want it to be.


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