Roasted Carrots. About the Cheapest, Easiest Side Dish Ever.

by R.B. Quinn

You can take roasted carrots just about anywhere. 

Need a great side dish, something easy that be served hot or cold? Or, one that won’t break the bank or take much time? Or, one that uses an ingredient available in any supermarket? Need one that you probably already have the ingredients for at home? Need one that goes with pretty much any meal? Need one that will add some color to the menu? Need one that seems kind of cool? Need one that reheats easily? Need one that can go in many directions, is delicious plain or doctored up with herbs and seasonings? Need one that provides easy-to-use leftovers? Need one you can make ahead. Need one that most anyone will like? Need one that’s easy to take to a potluck?

Roasted carrots are the answer to all the above.

Roasted Carrots

Peel and cut carrots into 2-inch pieces, cut the large pieces into halves or quarters.

You can microwave the carrots in a covered dish for a few minutes to partially cook them, if you like. This is an optional step to speed up the cooking. Cool and drain.  

Toss the carrots lightly with oil on a large baking sheet or in a roasting pan. Season with salt.

Roast in a 450F degree oven until lightly charred and tender, about 30 minutes. Again, roasting times will vary according to the size of your carrots and whether you nuked them beforehand. Check them at about 20 minutes.  

Six More Ways to Serve Roasted Carrots

Toss the oiled carrots with sprinkling from a packet of dry spicy Indian vegetable seasonings before baking.

Toss the oiled carrots with a sprinkling of crushed cumin seeds before baking.

Toss the oiled carrots with a sprinkling of brown sugar and fresh orange zest along with the salt before baking.

Toss the chilled roasted carrots with leaf lettuce or spinach. Dress with vinaigrette.

Top with toasted nuts (pecans or almond slices are nice) and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before serving.

Mash roasted carrots with cooked potatoes.

You like this, then how about glazed roasted carrots.

How about roasted slaw.

How about roasted peppers

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