Lemon Bars — Reliable Trumps Glamour

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
how to make lemon bars

Reliable Lemon Bars are a favorite in the Cheater Chef archives. Not glamorous enough for you? Boring you say?

Reliable trumps glamour any day. Reliable shows up. Even better, reliable shows up with a sunny disposition. Reliable is there when you need it. Reliable goes with the flow, goes anywhere, and lends a hand. That’s what these lemon bars do—anytime, anywhere they are an A-list party guest. No pouting off in the corner, but full, tangy participation.

Sure, the hassle of foraging and stewing about your next exotic meal is exciting, but don’t discount the comfort of your own stash of go-to recipes that go to where you want to go. Still stuck on high maintenance? That’s okay, read this when you finally trade in the BMW for the reliable Honda. Reliable Lemon Bars are refreshing after a filling meal, yet buttery and decadent. They can be dressed up with berries and whipped cream, or eaten as is. Yes, they require actual baking, but nothing more than a few standard ingredients, a regular 9 x 13-inch pan, a couple of bowls, a spoon, and a whisk. Big deal. Anyone can do it. These bars contain more eggs than usual, giving the lemon layer more of a bright yellow creamy lemon curd feel. The shortbread crust is pure, just the right tiny bit salty. We like to cut them into little one to two-bite squares.

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