Grilled Zucchini, Reinventing Bar Food

grilled zucchini

grilled zucchini

Grilled zucchini is a nice alternative to fried bar food. Just look for a bar with a grill nearby.

Providence, RI’s, Hot Club bar redefined the meaning of “bar food” for us. Looking for an afternoon snack to go with cold beers we scanned the bar menu expecting the usual mozzarella sticks and pepper poppers. But no, this watering hole skips fried foods entirely. A brief recon mission through the place revealed a fire pit with metal rack tucked under an old chimney. Hardwood coals glowed, waiting for an order.

We opted for the grilled zucchini just to see if they could transform green and healthy vegetables into bar food without a deep fryer. What came out was a great pre-dinner snack perfect for hanging around the grill with friends at home. Fresh zucchini halves, brushed with olive oil and coated with seasonings, were grilled face-down just until tender, but not mushy. Bite-sized pieces were hot and delicious with a swig of cold beer. Make these in your own backyard.

Nice grill marks.

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