Real Cranberry Gelatin

by Min Merrell

Real cranberry gelatin over fresh oranges slices.

You might call this an Alice Waters-style real cranberry gelatin. It’s real, ultra pure and simple, celebrating the true essence of the fruit. No extraneous ingredients, no fake fruit Jell-O, nothing just for show. The recipe speaks for itself.  And maybe your peeps that prefer the canned cranberry with ridges will even like it. 

A packet of gelatin with firm up two cups of liquid. This recipe pushes it to two and a half because the cranberries naturally thicken in the sauce and we wanted the gelatin to have a looser melt-in-your-mouth gelee consistency. Essentially all you’re doing is gelling those fresh cranberries that you were going to cook on the stove for relish anyway. Even better you won’t be unmolding this one. Serve the gelee spooned into a beautiful bowl or scattered free-form and  jewel-like over fresh orange slices. It’s very simple, just like Alice Waters would like it.  Of course, everyone will think you’re really cool. 

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