Pounded Thin Grilled Pork Chops with Lemons and Piccata Sauce

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
grilled pork chops piccata

Reminiscing over their happy childhoods, Lelan and R.B. share a moment on the set.

R.B. got to be the lucky food segment guy on Nashville’s Channel 5 Talk of the Town with the effervescent Lelan Statom. It’s TOTT’s first time back on the air since the first of May flooding in Nashville. With a newsroom that had been under water, Channel Fivers worked out of halls, closets, corners. The place was electric. The show must go on and today at 11 it did.

Our Cheater Pounded Thin Grilled Pork Chops are paillards of pork loin or tenderloin with a simple lemony garlic butter wine piccata sauce whipped up in a jiffy. The quarter-inch lean chops cook in about three minutes on a hot grill, are affordable, go with everything, are great for summer, kids love them, and for Sunday brunch you’ll take a pass on the bacon. So grill a pile.

Mindy surely can style a delightful beauty shot, don’t you think?  See that tortilla press in the background?  R.B. made a giant discovery when he pressed out a perfectly even paillard in it!

“Remember, the camera adds ten pounds.

End Scene.




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