Chef Mindy’s Ramen Slaw with Salt and Pepper Sticky Ball

by Min Merrell
Ramen Slaw

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Chef Mindy’s Ramen Slaw with Salt and Pepper Sticky Ball from Chopped!

My episode of Chopped aired on Oct 21, 2014 and I won.  

We taped the episode on November 12, 2013, so I’ve had a lot of timeIn the comfort of my own kitchen to think about those dishes I made on the show and how many things I could and should have done differently.  I love the idea, just not the execution.  

The appetizer mystery basket contained a hot bowl of ramen noodle soup, a can of tiny whole apples, fresh okra and a can of biscuit dough. On the show, I tossed the ramen noodles with sliced Napa cabbage to make a slaw and threw together some kind of Asian dressing that’s a blur to me now. I cut the apples into little pieces (unfortunately I left bits of the core in there and was reprimanded) and tossed it with the slaw to add a little sweetness.

I fried the okra and sprinkled it over the top. I loved the fryer so much that I cut up the biscuit dough into little balls and fried them, too. Then I rolled the balls in honey and sprinkled them with salt and pepper.  

I was really afraid of the clock, but it turned out that I had plenty of time to make sure my plates were perfect. Too bad I didn’t do that. I was a nervous wreck and could barely think straight. The judges skinned me for not fully developing the slaw and the dang balls were raw in the center.  

So, here’s the recipe with the benefit of time, no ticking clock, no scowling judges. I nixed the okra and the apples because they were not really important to the recipe. I also used room temperature biscuit dough and flattened the pieces for even cooking throughout. 

I actually like it very much and hope you do to.  


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