Grilled Bread

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
grilled bread

Grilled bread, do the whole loaf and eat it all week.

One giant, expensive, round Tuscan loaf aging on the kitchen counter can really freak you out. Serve a few couple slices with dinner or make a sandwich and then the angst quickly sets in. What are we going to do with the rest of it? How much time do we have before it gets stale? Anybody need a snack? We call this Euro-loaf Anxiety Syndrome, an epidemic that has even spread throughout the soft white bread, hot biscuit South.

Our remedy to a stress-free relationship with a full-size Tuscan loaf (or any rustic variety and, yes, we already have a freezer full of breadcrumbs) is a few short minutes on the grill. Brushed with a little olive oil, grilled bread has incredible chew, a rich, smoky aroma, and some real staying power. We grill the whole loaf at once and eat it all week. Days later, a few minutes in a toaster oven and the bread becomes perfectly crisp again. Sure, build summer meals around Tuscan toast. Top it with last night’s flat iron steak, fresh tomato salsa, sliced avocado, and some shredded cheese…anything.

Grilled bread starts with a little evoo brushed on one side.

grilled bread

Arranged on a platter this grilled bread conjures up thoughts of an Andy Goldsworthy moment.

grilled bread

While the grill is hot, why not grill some fork chops.

I’m thinking about butternut squash salad

Tomato bread from Jaleo in Las Vegas changed our lives. Fresh tomatoes on bread! 

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