Salad Brain Exercise–Orange Cucumber Mint

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Playing around with Citrus…They come in so many colors!


Oranges–whatever you can find. Blood, Cara Cara, Navel, Minneola, Tangerines..grapefruit?

Cucumber–sliced or chopped–you pick your design, cool light green.

Fresh mint–nice dark green to accent the oranges and reds

Salted Peanuts–add the opposite taste and feel of acidic oranges with creamy, salty nuts.

White and light green onion rings–takes the sweet to the savory side.

Snow Peas–slivers look sharp.

Shredded carrots–are they necessary? Can’t really see them in the picture.


What if?

Use only one color and variety of orange for a simpler, for a more focused look. Alter the nuts? Change the mint to cilantro. Add olives–what color? Eliminate the snow peas. How would you like a sprinkling of regular green peas or sugar snap peas?  Swap the dressing to a simple drizzle of fruity olive oil…takes it away from Asian.


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