Overnight Cabbage Slaw

by Min Merrell
Overnight Slaw

Overnight Cabbage Slaw is more than a salad, it’s a relish ideal for southern vegetables, barbecue, and hot dogs. (And here’s the link to make those dynamite cornbread waffles in the background.)

If you’re not familiar with slaw outside of the watery barbecue joint afterthought side dish, slaws can be divided into two separate camps–the vinegary camp and the creamy mayonnaise camp. After that, it’s a free-for-all, add-what-you-want celebration in individual cooking rights. What this means is that there are hundreds of variations out there and if you haven’t discovered your own favorites yet, consider this your get out of jail card. Start slinging some slaw. And make this one while you’re at it. It might just change your life.

Overnight Cabbage Slaw, an old time middle Tennessee-style slaw, is vinegary, sweet and crispy, flavored like a Southern chow chow relish and “cured” overnight in the refrigerator.

Beans and greens may be the main “side” events on the Southern table, but cabbage is the true side chameleon, appearing hot, cold, chopped, shredded, wherever it’s needed. Whether it’s accompanying rich pork barbecue or just livening up simple country vegetables, no canning is required.

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