Old School Pimiento Cheese on Tomato Salad

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Pile pimiento cheese on a summer tomato salad.

It’s coming–a huge funk music resurgence. You heard it here first. The world is hip-hopped and shorty-ed out, we’re aching for the next Curtis Mayfield. Aching for real guitar.  Aching for melody. People get ready, a change is coming!

I feel the same way about pimiento cheese. Old School is New School. All this stuff piled on a sandwich is a perfect meal or a perfect salad. Hold that puck of warm goat cheese, the scattering of toasted candied pecans, the too sweet balsamic vinaigrette. Real tomatoes are aching for real pimiento cheese, a sandwich classic that makes a great salad.  Tennessee Tomato Study continues. Forget the goat cheese. Lightly broil the homemade pimiento cheese on thick tomato slices. Don’t leave your post. You want the top very slightly bubbly. Not drippy–and believe me that happens fast. Is that Alton Brown in there?

tomatoes and pimiento cheese broiled

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