No Mixer Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Min Merrell
no mixer chocolate chip cookies

A baking mistake turns into fantastic No Mixer Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

Never underestimate the power of an unintentional error. You never know where it may lead. Just ask 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver about Post-It notes.

I was going to make a quick batch of my favorite Blondie Bars, a recipe I adore because you melt the butter in a saucepan and just mix up the rest of the ingredients right in the pan with a wooden spoon. Those bars have no need for the mixer, they turn out beautifully and cut perfectly. But, in my haste, I screwed up the recipe and added an extra cup of all-purpose flour. RATS!  

So instead of throwing the whole thing in the garbage I added a half a stick more of melted butter and a bit more salt and turned it into a more conventional chocolate chip cookie dough, except with melted butter. Would the dough now bake like cookies even though I didn’t cream the butter and sugar? The melted butter made the dough shiny and quite easy to handle.  

Good news. It worked so here’s the recipe you need if you don’t have or don’t feel like dragging out the mixer and just want to dirty up one saucepan. We all have times like that. The cookies keep a nice chewy texture and have a rich butterscotch flavor because they are made with only brown sugar and the melted butter. I thought it would, but the dough didn’t spread out too far while baking as you can see in the photo. If they look acceptable to you, then you’ll like them.

No Mixer Chocolate Chip Cookies is a recipe keeper and a mistake I’ve been wanting to test for years. Now I can cross that mistake off my list. There’s nothing better than improvisation in a pinch. A lesson I certainly learned on Chopped!

Use any flavor or kind of chips you like. I’m partial to the mini chocolate chips because I like the cookie and nuts to shine through. Of course, I’m always playing with a mix of all-purpose and self-rising flour. If you use only all-purpose, add a 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder with the flour to the recipe.

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