Miso Hungry Potlikker Miso Soup

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Potlikker Miso Soup the best mash-up of East meets South ever.

We’ve been in a research frenzy the past week in Southern New Mexico documenting the endless subtleties ties of flat enchiladas, red and green chile sauces, pinto beans, salsa, brisket tacos, green chile cheeseburgers, and honey-soaked sopapillas. Go ahead and roll your eyes.  Yes, it was beyond fun.  Now for the cleansing diet adjustment at home.  And we’ve got the perfect remedy.  Potlikker Miso Soup. You heard it here first. 

Make a pot of your usual southern turnip or mustard greens, or better yet, a combination. Flavor them with country ham or side meat if you like, but it’s not necessary because the miso is so flavorful.  All you have to do is saute onion and garlic in some oil. Now add the washed and chopped greens and simmer with plenty of water. That juice, that potlikker, produced by the greens is terrific as is, but add a few spoonfuls of miso paste and you’ve got fabulous miso soup. You’ll love the little bits of onion and turnip greens in the broth instead of the seaweed and tofu.

Serve the soup as a first course or as a soothing, healthy afternoon snack or lunch.


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