Mimosa Cocktail Shortcut

by Min Merrell
how to make a great mimosa

Our Big Idea: Mimosa Cocktail Shortcut is cold sparkling wine and a small scoop of frozen orange juice concentrate. That’s it.

So What, Who Cares?: Great cocktail, no water, no bottle of OJ, no big batch, make one at a time.

OJ in the fridge isn’t a regular item for us. Sparkling wine, Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco, anything reasonable, we do keep around. At Sunday brunch around the bar of Chattanooga’s Foodworks on Manufacturers Road recently, the $1 mimosas poured themselves until we hid our glasses. The Mimosa suddenly got fun again. 

Mimosas-for-two, or a few, call for a can of frozen OJ concentrate. Drop a teaspoon of concentrate into the glass and pour the wine. The concentrate will gently lift into the drink on the bubbles and self-mix. It’s fantastic.  

Plenty of OJ flavor, but the crisp wine still comes through. No water dilutes the cocktail.

Keep some concentrate in the freezer. A rubber band around the can keeps the lid in place.

And if one day a tattooed mixologist suggests a frozen concentrate cocktail, you’ll say, “Yeah, like the Cheater Chef Mimosa. I’ve had that.”  


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