Meatloaf Mushroom Duxelles

by Min Merrell

If fashion designer Bill Blass could famously serve meatloaf to dinner guests, so can you. A little finesse and the ho-hum meatloaf is ready for the runway. Meatloaf mushroom duxelles. 

Bill’s famous recipe is quite ordinary, delicious and all over the web. We’re dressing it up a bit for the holidays. To start, combine more than one ground meat with the customary ground beef, like lamb, pork, and/or veal. We typically favor a simple mix of pork and beef but use what you like. To make a meatloaf for company make it generous like our three-pound recipe Meatloaf Mushroom Duxelles.

Duxelles is a designer word for an earthy blend of cooked down mushrooms and onions that adds distinctive depth to meat. Making it is an extra 20-minute step and well worth it. But, don’t overinvest in a fancy starch filler. We prefer an inexpensive canister of fine dry unseasoned breadcrumbs because they disperse so evenly throughout the meatloaf mix giving it a smooth texture. No one wants to bite into a big bready patch.

Before baking, Bill always topped his manly meatloaf with a layer of chili sauce (not ketchup). That’s just fine, too. We nix the regular bacon strips that shingle the top. They make slicing a nice portion too difficult, but add them if you prefer.

Meatloaf doesn’t have to be hot to be good. Turn it into a Franco-American paté by serving it chilled and thinly sliced on a board with cornichons, coarse mustard and crudités like radishes and green onions. So out, it’s in. 

Meatloaf Crudites


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