Lima Bean Zucchini Salad

by Min Merrell
lima bean zucchini salad

Lima Bean Zucchini Salad is cool. We don’t make this often enough.

As a test kitchen home-eccie, I get a big kick out of “back of the box’ recipes. Some are just so weird that it’s hard to imagine the thought behind them. For example, here’s the first serving suggestion on the back of a bag of Publix frozen Fordhook lima beans: “Cook with pork chops, ketchup, curry powder and salt.” I’m still laughing.

Anyone in the mood for Fordhooks? Hey, bean packers, good news, peas and beans of all kinds are really trendy in restaurants right now. Not long ago R.B. and I had a nice little dinner at City House in Nashville where we enjoyed this little rustic Italian starter: Zucchini, Fava, Red Onion, Pecorino, Lemon. The unexpected cool thing about the dish was that the favas were mashed into a puree and topped with thin slices of crisp zucchini, red onion slivers, and a snowy dusting of grated Pecorino. Here the lines blur between a hummus-style appetizer and a vegetable bean salad. How about that with delicious creamy Fordhooks? Fantastic.

Our recipe includes a little fresh parsley for kicks and we forgot to add the cheese before taking the picture. Try it with any salty cheese, even feta. Or, maybe add a few briny olives. Serve it with grilled bread as a nice antipasto or as a side to simply grilled meats, chicken or fish. 

Like maybe our fork chops, shelf chicken or one hour rump roast.

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