Lazy Daisy Cake

by Min Merrell
Lazy Daisy Cake Recipe

Lazy Daisy Cake is and old-fashioned favorite that’s really all about the buttery brown sugar coconut icing. And yes, it is easy and ideal for a lazy day dessert that you’ll be making often.

I think my dad was well into his 60s when he announced to my mother and me at the kitchen table that he wanted a Lazy Daisy cake for his birthday. Said it was his favorite. We about fell out of our chairs because until that day he’d never asked for it and we’d never even heard of it. And it’s not like we don’t ask him, every year, what kind of birthday cake he’d like.

Now that Dad has spoken up the Lazy Daisy is an all-around Merrell family favorite and we make for all kinds of occasions. Our Lazy Daisy discovery happened before internet recipe research exploded so I had to dig deep to find a recipe that sounded like the cake his grandmother made for him. Ultimately I did find a handwritten recipe in her recipe box. Now you can find Lazy Daisy all over the web. Thank goodness because it’s a keeper.

Lazy Daisy cake has a lot going for it. The cake is just a simple carrier for a buttery, brown sugar coconut icing so I often use a white or yellow cake mix doctored up with real butter and buttermilk or sour cream in place of the oil and water. Add a shot of real vanilla and bake as directed. The icing is just like the icing on a German Chocolate Cake but without the nuts (another one of my dad’s favorites).

The icing in many recipes is a little too sparse for us coconut lovers. We pile it on thick. It takes just a minute to mix it all up in a saucepan and pour over the cake and it sets nicely. Broil the icing a minute or two if you like, but you don’t have to. The cake does very well with a few hours (or overnight) melding of flavors. It’s easy to transport and you will want to use the decadent icing on cupcakes.

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