jalapeño slaw

Jalapeno Slaw beautifully combines two colors of cabbage with bright green jalapenos and cilantro. 

I’m a huge fan of secondary colors, a huge fan of slaw, and a huge fan of anything spicy with Tex-Mex appeal. This gorgeous purple and green Jalapeno Slaw has absolutely everything going for it.

The biggest irritation to me about barbecue joints is that they don’t treat their side dishes seriously enough. After all the effort to smoke the meats with low and slow care, so often the baked beans are blah or horribly sweet, the potato salad is mush, the corn on the cob is mealy, and the runny slaw a complete afterthought.  Same goes for Mexican restaurants that serve fish tacos with creamy bland cabbage. The era of lazy side-dishing must come to an end. Check out my link below to our Chipotle Slaw with fish tacos. Clearly, this is an issue for me.

Slaw is especially well-suited for interpretation and experimentation so I just keep cranking them out. Some slaw variation is usually my go-to pot luck dish and it often surprises folks because they expect so little from slaw, and you can’t blame them.

Can slaw be this good? Sure it can. Take care to choose color and texture wisely and add a little something extra, a little zing. Jalapeno Slaw is a study in purple and green with the tang of green hot peppers and lime juice. It’s simple, fresh, and very good looking. Start with my recipe and then decide for yourself how creamy, sweet, and tangy you want it by adding a little more mayo, sugar, and lime juice. By all means, add lots of jalapeños if you like them.  

We have a few colorful, spicy slaws on Cheater Chef and many have a Tex-Mex spin. Check these out. 

Pico Slaw

Secondary Slaw

Chipotle Slaw

All these are fabulous choices with Cheater BBQ pulled pork, brisket, chicken, or fish tacos. If you aren’t already cheating, get on it!


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