The Michelada aka Beer Bloody

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

The Michelada is the much more refreshing and versatile Mexican-style Bloody Mary not serving three consecutive life sentences with the mimosa on ho-hum Sunday brunch menus everywhere.

R.B.’s family may still miss the heady 1970s and 80s, but he thinks they were otherwise ahead of their time with their side burn and bell bottom-era Sunday Beer Bloodies made with Clamato. This light, clever concoction allowed the saloon-happy Quinns to ignore last night’s “family togetherness”and dive right into a “Good Thing We Went to Saturday Mass!” celebratory Sunday brunch cocktail without the strife often generated by mid-day vodka on empty stomachs. 

And Now, the Drink:  

Salt the rim of a roomy glass.  Add ice and about half of a Mexican lager like Tecate or Sol.  Think two parts beer to 1 part tomato. Go with Clamato juice cocktail for its lighter consistency and blendability.

The drink should look bubbly and light pinkish, not heavy red. Add Worcestershire sauce, a healthy squeeze of lemon or lime (at leasat 1/2 a fruit), and plenty of hot sauce.

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