Homey Chicken and Dumpling Casserole. Make it When You Meet the Parents.

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
how to make chicken and dumplings

Homey Chicken and Dumpling Casserole: dress it up and make it for the parents. 

Bridal showers, wedding planners, and rehearsal dinner table assignments aside, sooner or later your new in-laws are coming over for dinner. It’s the golden opportunity to confirm for them that you are the one who’ll make a good home and partner for your future spouse. It can show that you have style and common sense and you can get everyone fed on a Tuesday night. That’s what gets you inside the Circle of Trust. So, guess who’s cooking the dinner? You are.

A home cooked meal means you’re handy in the kitchen and says you can take care of other people, particularly the one the Parents’ have so lovingly provided you. Dinner with the Parents is not experimental dinner night. It’s not the time to showcase your latest kitchen fusion inspiration, your knife skills, or your Himalayan salt brick. We suggest you solidify this important new relationship with a very comforting, make-ahead casserole like Creamy Chicken with Parmesan Dumplings. It will set a friendly tone and everyone will relax. Sounds homey, but it’s also fancy. They’ll like that.

The creamy casserole isn’t just chicken and frozen vegetables;it’s rich with leeks, mushrooms, red bell pepper, peas, and a hint of sherry.  The fancy ingredient in the drop biscuit dumplings is Parmesan cheese. Make the creamy filling the night before, but leave out the peas. Before dinner, reheat the filling in a saucepan over medium-low heat and add the peas at the last minute before pouring it over the chicken in the casserole.

Now, leave that last step—stirring up the easy dumpling dough as your guests arrive—just to prove it’s all yours. All you need is a simple green salad dressed with vinaigrette and a little something sweet for dessert. To keep things easy, we’re all for little scoops of great quality ice cream topped with a little rich caramel or chocolate sauce.

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