green chile potatoes

Green Chile Twice Baked Potatoes makes a spectacular any-season side dish even more spectacular.  We served them at our annual September New Mexico Green Chile roast. Huge hit! Great with cold beer! Here’s a great story about the roast on our friend Lisa Dunn’s website Mona Lisa Nashville.

Twice baked potatoes really are the perfect side. They go with everything and everyone, picky eaters, kids, we all love twice bakeds. We serve them with casual grilled burgers, fancy prime rib roast, and anything in between. Our annual Cheater Chef New Mexico green chile roast is coming up and this year Green Chile Twice Baked Potatoes will be on the snacking menu. You must sustain your roasters, peelers, and baggers throughout the fun, busy day with plenty of beer, water, and inspiring things to eat. We can’t wait to spring these on the crowd. There can’t be a tastier source of quick energy and/or better foundation for soaking up some beer. 

Remember, these twice bakeds require bags of cheap small russets. Full-figure bakers are just too much of a good thing. You’re going for the deviled egg of baked potatoes here. Style counts and with the smaller russet (just like deviled eggs) everyone can have one more than they think they should.

Roasted green chile is the bomb because it instantly transforms a simple dish like this into something exotic with a big splash of characteristic New Mexico chile soothing heat. The punch that the chile adds to pure potato is a smart reminder to toss green chile (frozen in thin bags for easy access) into so much more of your cooking than the usual Tex-Mex favorites. 

Use our recipe as a guide. Twice baked potatoes are just well seasoned mashed potatoes plunked back into the potato skins and baked. I use whatever is on hand to help make them creamy. Butter, cream, milk, yogurt, and any kind of cheese that suits you. Just start mixing it up until it feels right. You can do it.  

Mootz Burgers with Green Chile Twice Bakeds

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