green chile corncakes

Green Chile Corncakes is another of those recipes that always makes me ask “why don’t I make these more often?” Think easy, savory pancakes to go alongside a hot bowl of chili, a vegetable supper, a plate of sliced tomatoes, pulled pork barbecue, or Texas brisket. Or, a simple bowl of pintos or white beans. Make them silver dollar appetizer size and pass the platter with cocktails or icy cold beer. Green chile corncakes go with just about anything. Or, nothing at all.

Of course, this green chile corncake variation is nirvana for all us New Mexico chile fanatics. But, the real point is that you can add what you like to flavor the cheesy cakes. Substitute a chopped jalapeno or serrano for the green chile. Add corn kernels, green onion slices, bell pepper bits, pimiento, black pepper. Try a smoked cheese. There’s no limit to the variations.

As always, there is one important rule to remember when making cornbread batter whether you’re pouring it into a skillet or onto a hot griddle–make it creamy and pourable. Clumpy dry batter makes dry cornbread. If it seems too thick, just add a shot of tap water. The cornmeal must be hydrated to make moist cornbread. It’s as simple as that.

What to do with the leftovers? Freeze tightly and reheat as needed in the toaster oven for a great snack.

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