German Potato Salad Texas-Style

by Min Merrell
German potato salad

This workhorse basic German Potato Salad recipe was on the menu at our Texas Beef Brisket Pop-Up dinner at Jackson’s Bar and Bistro in Nashville last fall.  The dinner was fantastic. The Jackson’s folks beautifully replicated the Texas barbecue trail in Hillsboro Village complete with brown butcher paper-covered tables adorned with saltines and white bread.  Nashville is in the pork belt of barbecue so authentic Texas brisket was quite a treat and quite a change. 

The menu included sliced Texas Brisket, famous Kreutz smoked sausage flown in from Lockhart, TX,  sliced onions and dill pickle chips, saltine crackers, lots of soft white bread, cowboy pinto beans, Mindy’s famous Pico Slaw and this recipe for German Potato Salad.  

Yes, regular potato salad is a natural with barbecue, but in the Texas Hill Country, the German heritage of generations of residents comes through in the sausages and potato salad.  It makes perfect sense to pair a non-mayonnaisy vinegary potato salad with the rich meat.  Try it for a good change.  Now you’ll want to smoke some real Texas Brisket.  Start here with our Cheater Brisket, it’s a great hybrid method that combines indoor and outdoor smoking.  



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