French Onion Mac and Cheese

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
French Onion Mac and Cheese

French Onion Mac and Cheese adds a little Old World glamour to the holiday table.

The Nashville holiday sideboard always makes room for a hot, creamy macaroni and cheese casserole. Like its green bean companion, families carry their favorites forward. This year, however, let’s twist the dish a bit. Blend the classic M&C elements with a three-pound bag of onions and some nutty Gruyère cheese. No truffles, no lobster, no five-cheese blend. This is home cooking.

While complex tasting, French Onion Mac and Cheese is not a particularly challenging dish. But, like a nuanced French onion soup, the “work” is allowing the onions their time to relax and caramelize. Your reward is a sophisticated, savory, umami-esque accompaniment to turkey, beef tenderloin, and any other roasted, braised or grilled holiday meat you serve.

As with all holiday casseroles, baking temps are forgiving and flexible. As you juggle oven realty, slide in this dish where there’s room. It only asks for a warm up/crust up (not too hot an oven).

If you’re researching holiday recipes, we’ve got some goodies for you here.

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Napa Orange Salad with Walnuts–We all need a little refreshing crunch and tang on the otherwise very brown, mushy traditional holiday menu. 

Winter Squash with Mushrooms and Onion Duxelles–Everything tastes better with a little mushroom and onion umami.

Turkey Halves in the Oven–If you haven’t discovered this trick, it’s time! Cut those birds in half! 

Real Cranberry Gelatin–One of my most favorite recipes ever. Looks like cut glass red glass scattered over fresh orange chunks.  Again, a little tang and color are always helpful to the menu.

CC2 French Onion Mac & Cheese

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