Four Cans Corn Pudding

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell

Four cans of corn pudding is exactly what it sounds like

Time for a Thanksgiving (and cool weather) casserole straight from the Home Economics Desk. Four Can Corn Pudding is a comfy, silky, 9 x 13 dump & stir dish that requires little more than the opening of lots of cans. Yes, lots of cans and there’s nothing wrong with that.  There is real value in inexpensive modern convenience products often viewed with skepticism in our current ground-to-table era.  This luscious side highlights all kinds of canned corn—shoepeg or white, yellow, creamed and, best of all, hominy.

You can’t deny the benefits of big, hot, easy casseroles for your holiday party crowds. The dishes are quick to pull together, reliable, inexpensive, appealing to all ages, comforting and warmly hospitable.

This can-do Four Cans of Corn Pudding is right in the spirit of things as you get to open four cans of corn plus a bonus fifth can of evaporated milk. Keep cranking and add canned pimientos or green chiles. Start with our recipe template and create all kinds of variations that help express your inner pantry. You can even turn it into a hearty main dish. 

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