Potato Leek Soup–Simplicity in a Bowl

by R.B. Quinn and Min Merrell
how to make potato leek soup

On the amazon.com review page of our book Cheater BBQ  there’s a lonely, lousy one-star review. Our critic, named “Julia Child ‘Chef Extraordinaire,’” was disappointed that our methods were too simple. Good for her. She got the point of the book.

Anyone hoping for something complicated will be disappointed in our crock pot/aluminum foil/low temp oven approach to braising meats. Cheater BBQ is not rocket science, it’s just basic food science. Perhaps “Chef Julia” should have ordered a coffee table cookbook on molecular gastronomy, much closer to actual rocket science.

The Original Julia, the gal who deconstructed French cooking for the American home cook and kitchen, has helped us feel better about jumping in, trying, spilling, failing, succeeding, and learning. She inspired Cheater Chef R.B. to attempt his own take on Julia’s famed Potage Parmentier (Potato Leek Soup).

Talk about simplicity. The soup consists only of sautéed leeks and potatoes simmered in salted water. No branded ingredients, no tortured methods. After simmering, an immersion blender smoothes it out beautifully. Taking after his mother, R.B. says skip the cream; potato leek soup doesn’t need it. Next time, however, he’s adding watercress to make Potage Au Cresson for me.


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